Color is my passion. The aspect of color that I have been dealing with is the quality of it looking and being perceived as transparent. Throughout my career I have tried to identify myself through the specific use of color relationships and structure. The work can be seen as specific stages of developing towards these goals. My early work consisted of overlapping geometric patterns creating transparent combinations of color. Very much like weaving cloth to create a pattern. The next series involved creating a second and third dimension to the structure consisting of clear overlaying bands reflecting light. With this concept I started to use abstract and recognizable patterns on black and white primed linen, creating variations of transparent colors.

Exploring other media, I started drawing with color pencils. My paintings require a different physical working involvement and time frame than drawing. These drawings consist of two directions concerning self-portraiture, one naturalistic and the other abstract. With the naturalism I wanted to identify myself through symbols within the images. The abstract drawings identify myself through pure color and structure.